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John Jordan, Founder of Fight Sports

"Our Purpose : We lead from the front to inspire and empower the families in our community. We provide safe, fun and exciting experiences that support our team and members on their journey to reaching their maximum individual potential. Our Vision: Fight Sports recently revealed the top five reasons that people find themselves on the losing end of a street fight. According to the experts at Fight Sports, these are the main reasons that individuals find themselves on the losing end of any confrontation. Many who find themselves confronted with physical violence are at a natural disadvantage and risk serious injury and emotional distress when they end up on the losing side of the fight. This self defense specialist feels it’s important to explain why people are so unprepared for a fight and then to offer help for those who find themselves confronted with a violent situation. The reasons people lose fights vary, but this expert has identified five, with the most common reason being that people simply give up when they are attacked. The current popular culture teaches people not to fight or to wait for help from the authorities. According to this expert that is a mistake, because there is little time to wait for help when confronted with a fight. As this expert points out, “If someone waits for a miracle, they are dead!” The second reason people lose in a street fight seems like common sense, but often people ignore this great advice. Never walk around at night alone and always be aware of surroundings. This expert is adamant that someone will be victimized if they are alone and not paying attention to their surroundings. The chance of being victimized is in fact 100% according to this expert. Other reasons center on the victim not having a plan. This expert reveals that the attacker always has a plan and unless the victim does as well, the fight is over fast. Pre-planning can include mapping out the most well-lit route, or pre-arranging with a friend or co-worker to accompany the victim to their car. Finally, people become victims and end up on the losing end of street fights because they don’t fight back, and the main reason they don’t fight back is because they don’t have the physical conditioning to do so. To this expert, physical fitness it the most overlooked yet most necessary aspect of effective self defense. Fight Sports Family was created to help people prepare to defend themselves and self defense experts are available to answer questions and help people begin the process of fitness and self defense awareness. To learn more or to arrange a free consultation and tour contact the gym at 337.258.3605"

John Jordan, Founder of Fight Sports

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